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Loocare Toilet Cleaner 12x750mls per case

Loocare Toilet Cleaner 12x750mls per case


Keep your toilets and urinals in pristine condition with this pack of 12 x 750ml Magic Loocare toilet cleaner and descaler bottles. Featuring a powerful phosphoric acid-based formula, this solution will power through tough stains, uric scale and limescale deposits. This makes it easy for janitorial staff to preserve the life of your facilities and ensure they're always spotless. The thickened formula also means this solution can cling to surfaces for longer, delivering a more effective clean.

The solution also contains deodorising agents that tackle bad odours, ensuring your toilets and urinals are smelling as fresh as they look.

Product features

  • Capacity 750ml
  • Dimensions 293(H) x 266(W) x 233(D)mm
  • Weight 11kg
  • Each 750ml bottle delivers approximately 30 x full cleans
  • The formula quickly cleans, deodorises and descales toilet bowls and urinals
  • The thickened solution clings to surfaces for more effective cleaning
  • The solution is non-perfumed
  • Safe for use on ceramic and stainless steel toilet or urinal surfaces
  • Not suitable for taps, sinks, baths or normal surface descaling
  • The ready-to-use formula makes this cleaner easy to apply
  • The angled neck allows you to easily apply the solution to difficult-to-reach areas
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